ALL CAPS Original

SuperFood Blend
30 Servings
Naturally Reduce Inflammation
Just add 1-2 scoops to 8oz of hot or cold beverage and enjoy the many benefits.
Vegan ALL CAPS Mushroom CoffeeNon GMO ALL CAPS Mushroom CoffeeFruiting Bodies ALL CAPS Mushroom CoffeeOrganic ALL CAPS Mushroom Coffee
ALL CAPS™ Superfood Drink:

- is Vegan
- is Non-GMO
- uses USDA Organic Mushrooms
- is made with only Fruiting Bodies

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Reduce Inflammation Naturally

Combating inflammation naturally reduces and can even eliminate side effects while also providing added health benefits to your body. For centuries, cultures drank mushroom-based medicinal drinks to get the most benefits into their bodies. Today this method is still preferred but has greatly improved by taking mushrooms combined with other beneficial plants and roots to increase the overall benefits and to do so in a way that actually tastes good and is enjoyable to drink. ALL CAPS™ has created an amazing superfood blend that contains 4 anti-inflammatory adaptogens making it easy and convenient to get all the benefits in one place.

Coffee-Like, Rich, Bold, Smooth
100% Fruiting Bodies
Certified Ingredients
Extraction Process
serving size, 1 scoop
amount per serving
Mushroom Blend

Reishi (fruting bodies), Lion's Mane (fruting bodies), Cordyceps (fruting bodies), Tremella (fruting bodies)

Antioxidant & Digestive Support Blend

Dandelion Root Extract, Barley Extract, Rye, Extract, Chicory Root Extract


Keepin' It Smooooth & Easy

We like to keep things simple, from our ingredients all the way to the cup.
Step 1 8oz water or coffee revive mushroom drink
Choose an 8oz Hot or Cold liquid to start.
Step 2 Add Mushroom Coffee
Add 1-3 scoops of ALL CAPS™
Step 3 3oz milk or alt milk revive mushroom drink
Add some Alt-Milk, flavoring, or toppings.
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